Towing of vehicles

24-hour dispatch centre:      +38(044) 529-22-22
+38(067) 209-47-42


 "AUTOSOS-Service" offers one of the greatest and most versatile fleet of towing vehicles. Today we can provide to  our clients any of possible service of towing their vehicle, i.e.

If you find any difficulty selecting the most appropriate way of towing make call to our dispatch centre to get advice and prompt for the way suited you best of all.

All our vehicles are fitted with up-to-date equipment and driven by qualified staff, which means there's no chance your vehicle will suffer any damage from being towed. Whether it's a boat going to the launch, an antique car on its way to show, special technical facility of any kind, motorbike, vehicle got in an accident, or, if your car just won't go, "AUTOSOS-Service" provides fast, courteous and professional service that guarantees you'll have a worry-free experience.











"AUTOSOS - Service" was founded to make feel you comfortable and confident, no matter what distances or roads are ahead of you and your car. Please bear it in mind that we are always within striking distance, and shortly after your call is received our towing vehicles will come to the rescue.

We hope you will be glad of availing yourself of our services and we will do our best to make you associate our company with comfort on way.

To get advice or information on making contracts please call. +38 044 228-49-51, or e-mail at