Motorist service

24-hour dispatch centre:   +38(044) 227-65-64

                                              +38(068) 340-54-40


You light/heavy duty vehicle has suffered a breakdown? You are in search of motorist service equipment to mend it? We offer you a unique opportunity: AUTOSOS-Service 24-hour emergency motorist service for light and heavy duty vehicles.

Those are not numerous companies where similar service is offered. After making use of emergency motorist service most of our clients have found that service necessary and convenient.

Scarcely anybody avoids running across a roadside breakdown. And any breakdown is malapropos, to occur exactly when the car is not to get along with. Drivers are bound to their cars, and whenever the breakdown has overtaken they wish for the soonest repair to get them back to work.

Everybody who found themselves in such a situation seems to be familiar with that cast of thoughts. Our service is to tackle problems of that kind. Calling us at any time round the clock you can be sure that maximum professional skill and effort will be applied by us.

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