Roadside technical assistance

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Practically everybody has encountered a roadside breakdown. Based on our experience we can claim that towing to a motorist centre is not always necessary or feasible either. "AUTOSOS-Service" offers a simpler and less expensive way out of this situation.

What you need is just order one of  our company's technical assistance vehicle . Our operators are often able to settle the matter roadside, getting your equipment back to work fast.

Therefore you save your time and money you would otherwise spend on towing. If roadside repair is found impossible you can avail yourself of our towing vehicle to get your car to a repair depot. In that case service call for technical assistance vehicle is free.

Vehicles are repaired roadside in case of minor breakdowns requiring no special motorist service equipment. Please find below a list of typical standard and non-standard services we render roadside of breakdown.

List of Standard Technical Assistance Services

  • safety device replacement,
  • set of contacts replacement,
  • clean-up of battery terminals,
  • battery boost from external power source,
  • battery replacement,
  • engine start from external power source,
  • voltage regulator replacement,
  • generator repair/replacement,
  • starter repair/replacement,
  • ignition coil replacement,
  • distributor replacement,
  • distributor cover replacement,
  • distributor runner replacement,
  • high voltage cable replacement,
  • commutator replacement,
  • ignition plug replacement,
  • ignition adjustment,
  • faulty relay replacement,
  • external light replacement,
  • gas distribution mechanism belt replacement (VAZ-2109, 21099i, 2110 , 8-valve)
  • generator belt replacement,
  • fan belt replacement,
  • water pump belt replacement,
  • fan detector replacement, temperature detector replacement,
  • cooling water makeup,
  • expansion tank replacement,
  • pipe branch replacement,
  • faulty clamp replacement,
  • water pump replacement,
  • mechanical pump replacement,
  • fuel oil filter replacement,
  • carburetor replacement/repair,
  • standard wheel changing.

List of Non-Standard Roadsite Technical Assistance Services

  • trunk compartment opening,
  • hood opening,
  • ignition lock release,
  • changing of wheels with private bolts where privacy keys unavailable,
  • electrical gasoline pump replacement without dismantling fuel oil drain or gas tank,
  • electrical gasoline pump replacement with dismantling fuel oil drain and gas tank,

An experienced technical assistance operator to attend roadside of breakdown will help, if required, with purchasing spare parts to be of need in repair.

Call us to settle your problem as soon as possible, no matter how much non-standard it would be.

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